How to go green outside your home

Most working people spend more time outside than at home, making it hard to be more conscious of the trash we produce. Especially if you have a busy lifestyle, you always eat out or try to squeeze in grocery shopping at the last minute. We can somehow reduce our waste by bringing some reusable and environmental-friendly stuff with us whenever we go out. They just takes a bit of space in your bag or office drawer or car trunk that it’s almost difficult not to bring them!


Here are 5 of the most basic things we can lug around with us to help minimize trash:

A handkerchief (or two)

Remember our grade school days when get punished if there’s no hanky in your pocket? That should be the same for office people (just kidding!). Having a hanky with you where you can wipe your hands or mouth can help reduce tissue paper waste. Plus, it’s more hygienic to cover your mouth with a hanky when sneezing or coughing than using your hands.

Reusable shopping bags

Have you ever went to the grocery store and had to bring lots of stuff in those flimsy paper bags? Not fun at all. There are lots of different kinds to choose from but I like the foldable ones best. It’s also convenient to have one when you need to bring home a lot of paperwork or books.

Your own utensils

Bringing your own spoon and fork will save you from using those plastic utensils that breaks easily. If you end up using plastic cutlery, don’t throw them away just yet. It can still be reused after being washed and dried.

BPA-free water bottle

Bringing your own water bottle with you will save you from using lots of plastic bottles and cups. It will also help you save money if you bring water from home and just refill it with drinking water. It also keeps you hydrated and helps you keep track of your H2O consumption.

Food containers

Even if the no-plastic policy is already in place, some restaurants and other food establishments still pack their food in styrofoam containers! Having your food packed in your own containers make it also easier to store in the refrigerator and re-heat.

Some other essentials can also be added to suit your habits and lifestyle. If you need your caffeine fix from your favorite coffee shop, have them put your java in a travel mug. If you easily get hungry, pack your own snacks in reusable bags or containers so you won’t be tempted to buy something with more plastic content than nutrients from the convenience store. It’s up to you!

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